Another Beautiful Day In Blingy-Ville!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Fun!

Hayden and I got a new camera and we've been having so much fun taking shots of the kids. Now if I can just figure this bugger out!
Here are some fun pics of the kids and Hayd this summer!
Danzer and Dad at Kasey and Dawn's pool:
This is Danzer's new monkey backpack. The kids adores it!
Danz being a ham as usual! Hayden annoyed that I have the camera in his face again!
Little McGellys. Such a sweetheart!
She is such a happy girl!
I can't even remember what he was laughing about but it was dang hilarious!
Ellys LOVES to give kisses. We are trying to teach her to not use so much tongue! She practically licks your face! But we love it!
"ROAR!!!!!!!" He loves being a mean bear "beer!"
Ya Ya and Poppies gave this zebra to Ellys and she LOVES riding it! She gets going pretty fast!
My sweet baby girl...

Hayd being a dork. Love it!
I caught him trying to take a nap on the playground equipment.
Laughing at me dancing!
"Peek-a-boo Mom!"
Looking at the clouds
Give this kid a stick and he is set for hours!
Isn't he adorable?

Watching Curious George. This movie has a monkey, elephant and train. Couldn't ask for more!
Have you noticed all the bumps and bruises on this poor girl's head? It's hard learning to walk. Plus she has a "Behling" head so she is really top heavy!

He loves to snuggle up in his towel after baths
This is one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE pics of him! Those puppy eyes and long eyelashes melt my heart!
Happy summer everyone!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Two LUCKY kids! And a VERY lucky wife!

OK, I am telling you, I loved this man (well then, boy) since the first day I laid eyes on him. Yes, I was 5... and maybe it wasn't TRUE love at that time.... but there was some definite butterflies in my stomach! So... when I actually did fall in REAL LOVE with him... in 11th grade (before then, it was more of a crush thing) I thought there was no way I could ever love him more than I did when I was watching him walk down the road to his farm, in the sunset, with Pokar his dog, covered in cow poop, in his work boots, wearing jeans and a green t-shirt, in the middle of summer when it was hot and green, and Tim McGraw was playing on my CD Player in the "lude". Yes, this is border line crazy, to have such vivid memories. To love someone that young... only 17. But, this kid was my future husband... and I knew it in my stomach and in my heart.
So, several years later (I'm going to skip over the breakups) we are married and I think again... OK, now I SERIOUSLY know that I cannot love this man more than I do today. Awesomeness is the only word to describe it. Then, the years of infertility passed and we had some hard times in our journey, but he held me when I cried and was mad and hateful and broken hearted and scared and depressed and a mess. I loved him a little bit more. He was always there for me. He put things bluntly and didn't sugar coat it... "we might never have our "own" babies... but that didn't matter" he said. He told me it didn't matter where our babies came from. He told me that even if we adopted that he knew with all his heart that I had a heart that could love that baby no matter what the circumstances were and that's why he married me. OK, REALLY LOVING HIM. Well, we prayed, and prayed, and fasted, and cried, and prayed, and hoped, and fasted, and prayed. And when the LAST month of my fertility medicine was up... we found out we were pregnant. And only a short 9 months later... a Father was born.
It makes me cry... every time I look at it. This is one of the most sacred and precious moments of my life. Watching my husband turn into a father and stare at his son with such admiration, love, and devotion. It was a VERY VERY tender mercy from the Lord.
This day... I knew, I could never love him more. EVER. My heart was so full... I just couldn't imagine loving him one more little bit. I watched him raise Danzer, he LOVES this little boy more than anything in the world. He would rush home from work, to sneak into his room to stare at him while he slept in his crib. He laid his hand on his chest, for three VERY long nights, to make sure he was breathing when he had RSV. He taught him how to truly OBSESS over a tractor. He took him on so many adventures. Hours and hours of putting pipes together and chasing cows. He showed him how much he loved his wife and his family by spending time with them, especially his Grandpa Jack. He was an amazing dad... right from the start. I was like the Grinch... my heart just got bigger and bigger and bigger from all that love growing inside. It surely couldn't get ANY bigger.
But..... then.... a little girl decided to pop in for a surprise....
The love he has for this little lady is remarkable. He shows her, every day, how much he loves her. He melts with her kisses. He cherishes his time with her. He shows her how a husband really truly loves his wife through example every day.
OK, now REALLY, seriously, I couldn't love him a pinch more. My heart would seriously burst.
Hayden is the best daddy I have ever seen. He loves our kids more than I can try to squeeze out of these dumb English words. There just isn't a word to describe it.
Hayden has given all of us the most sacred gift... the gift of an Eternal Marriage and Family. He will be my husband forever... even when he's old and dies (I tease him that he will die old and wrinkled from just plain being tired from arguing with me ;) I'm a little hard headed. Slightly.) and he isn't here anymore... his role as a Father has not ended... it has only begun. We are sealed together, forever.
Hayden, thanks hon, for asking me. Thanks for seeing something in me that a lot of people (including myself) don't see. Thanks for loving me so much it drives you crazy. Thanks for being such an awesome dad- so fun- so loving- so hilarious- so hard working- so unique and rare. But most of all, thanks, for putting your family first. We love you more and more
Love, Me

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Ellys Anne!!!

Yesterday was this girl's first birthday!
She is ALL joy and always happy! She has been such a SWEET blessing to us and was the BEST surprise we have ever had!
Here are pictures of her day! Watching Dora- her favorite!
Isn't she adorable?
Eating waffles and syrup for breakfast. Her favorite!
In her adorable outfit from Aunt Sissy
She's thinking: "Mom, do I really have to wear this thing?"
The first birthday cake I have ever made! Well, a fancy one that is. I was so nervous decorating it I was sweating!
Gettin' ready for the chocolate madness!
Ang had to hold onto her for dear life so she wouldn't dive into her cake!
Blow it out sister!
"This looks fun!"
Shoveling it in as fast as she can!
It wouldn't be a birthday if there wasn't frosting EVERYWHERE! I think she loved it!
So tired after a big day!
And.... she's done. GOODNIGHT!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Look who found Texas!!

It was such an amazing week. I'm still missing them like crazy and the house is eerie quiet. All those little feet running around us was the best sound in our home.
God gave me this sister of mine, and I still wonder why he chose me. I really think she got the short end of the stick in this match up! But still, He gave her to me, and everyone else better BACK OFF cause I am NEVER letting her go. God knew we were too close in Heaven to just be best best friends, so he made us sisters.
These pictures are all in random placement, but lets just pat myself on the back that I'm getting it done ;). Here some of my favorite pics of the week!

Two girls in my life that I LOVE oh so much!
K, getting all 5 of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time is impossible!
Beautiful! Even when it's 90 outside!
Pushing this kid around is HARD work!
Look at my sister's hands and face! HA HA HA! I bet she's looking at a snake!
Mama and baby girl
They are so amazing!
I think I kissed her cheeks right off!
This melts my heart!
Danzer hanging on for dear life!
I cut Pai's hair off! 12.5 inches! She sent it to locks of love! She was so excited to give a little girl hair that was sick. She's such a good girl!
Cutting. Tanner was crying in the background.
Moments before!
Birthday girl!

My BFF, Lupe
Bunny Birthday slippers! She LOVES them!
Laur getting in some cupcake action!
Money for college.. or a mission!
Partied out!

Danzer snagging a cupcake and RUNNING for the door before anyone swipes it from him!
Sugar coma!
The set up!
Sweet princess!

Pool time fun!
Playing on the iPhone!
Two little trouble makers!
Laur, she took such good care of Ellys!
Those are just a few on a THOUSAND pictures I swear! More pics of Roller Rama and the family to come!